English to SQL with AI!

QueryGenie makes it easy to write database queries, understand existing queries, etc. QueryGenie uses advanced language-models to understand your question in any spoken language and converts into valid and efficient, database query format.



See what's in it for you!

Our value prposition is simple. We make your life easy when working with database queries.

  • Generator

    Translate your data questions in any spoken language into valid database queries.

    feature screenshot
  • Explainer

    Simply paste any query, and receive an explanation on it works.

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  • Formatter

    Turn ugly looking queries into beautifully formatted queries that are easy to read and share.

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Simple and value packed

Our pricing is simple. A limited free plan or unlimited everything.

Get 2 months free with yearly billing!

$0 / month

  • 1 Stored Schema

  • 10 Generation*

  • 10 Explanations*

  • Unlimited Formats

  • Generation history

$9 / month

  • Unlimited Stored Schemas

  • Unlimited Generations / month

  • Unlimited Explanations / month

  • Unlimited Formats / month

  • Generation history


* Free plan quota are given one time on signup.

* The pricing is exclusive of any international / local taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions not answered here? Reach out to us at via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What is QueryGenie?

    QueryGenie is an AI based tool that can translate your data questions into valid and efficient database queries.

  • Do I have to ask my question only in english?

    No, you can ask your question in any language. We support 95+ languages!

  • Is it 100% accurate?

    The query generated is based on the description provided by the user and hence the accuracy depends a lot on how amiguous the input is. Due to this, we cannot guarantee that the output is accurate/efficient all the time and we strongly advice you to review the query before using it.

  • Can I use it for free?

    Yes, on signup you get 10 free credits each for all features and the query formatter is always free. Once the credits are exhausted you will have to activate subscription to keep using these tools. But the formatter tool will alwasy be free.